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Reshaping Employee Training and Development Through Virtual Reality

reshaping employee training and development through virtual reality

The scope and effectivity of corporate training have dramatically enhanced, thanks to various technological advancements. These innovations in technology, such as virtual reality, are poised to make drastic improvements in a number of industries, most notably in corporate training and development.   Changes brought by Virtual Reality in Employee Development In the UK, a recent […]

Setting User Expectations for an Effective VR Learning Experience

setting user expectations for an effective vr learning experience

Through time, the use of virtual reality across different industries and through various applications has become more common. Correlatively, this entails a growing number of users, which suggests that there will also be a wave of users that will encounter virtual reality for the first time. As education industry experts integrate virtual reality in the […]

How Mobile Learning is Affecting the LMS Landscape

Mobile Learning LMS

Technology is truly creating a lot of changes in the world, usually to make things a lot more convenient and to help bring about more effective outputs. Education is not immune from this, and even when Learning Management Systems are already an innovation as it is, it continues to modernize. With the rise of more […]

Drawing the Line Between the Old and New: Adapting Virtual Reality for Student Success

Virtual Reality for Student Success

Adapting new tools and platforms of learning is very essential in improving the teaching practices being used in schools. As different industries and institutions around the world continue to integrate new technologies in their day-to-day operations, how can schools leverage these innovations to their advantage and ensure that students remain engaged to encourage them in […]

8 Telling Features of a Good Learning Management System

Good Learning Management System

Learning management systems have undeniably become an integral aspect of learning, especially in today’s generation. Major universities and educational institutions are now using systems that provide an unprecedented level of convenience and flexibility that helps provide quality education. This is why it’s crucial for schools and educational institutions to make the right decision when choosing […]

VR Rundown: What you need to know before buying a VR System for your school

virtual reality system in schools

One of the most recent innovations in education is VR, but schools might have a hard time choosing the right VR platform for them. While statistics on VR use in schools and colleges have yet to be gathered, the steady growth of the market – with the VR market expected to grow to a $15.9 […]

The Smarter Choice: Why Cloud Storage is Better for Schools

cloud storage for schools

Industry experts and technology decision makers continue to affirm the benefits and advantages of a cloud storage and computing system for organisations and institutions. Depending on how your school operates as well as on your organisations’ needs, this will help you see the value in cloud computing as opposed to traditional data storage. However, some […]

Helping Students Manage Their Own Time in Online Courses


Time management is a problem for most, if not all, students from different levels. This is an even more serious concern when it comes to online learning. E-learning platforms come with unparalleled flexibility, allowing students to finish activities and work on courses at their own time. While this could be seen as an advantage, some […]

5 Compelling Reasons to Use Virtual Reality in Teaching

Woman using VR and laptop

As the world changes due to improvements in technology, interest in innovative ways to educate is growing. And since it is said that up to 65% of today’s primary school students will work in industries and fields that are still inexistent today, the need to apply new ways of teaching has become more relevant today […]

Traditional Teaching Principles We Can Apply in e-Learning

E-Learning Banner

Through the years, teaching conventions in classrooms involved aspects where teachers are introducing new concepts and skills, guiding students in applying these skills, and letting kids practice on their own in using these skills until mastery is achieved. These conventions, despite the passing of time, have basically remained the same. However, with the introduction and […]