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How Mobile Learning is Affecting the LMS Landscape

Mobile Learning LMS

Technology is truly creating a lot of changes in the world, usually to make things a lot more convenient and to help bring about more effective outputs. Education is not immune from this, and even when Learning Management Systems are already an innovation as it is, it continues to modernize. With the rise of more […]

8 Telling Features of a Good Learning Management System

Good Learning Management System

Learning management systems have undeniably become an integral aspect of learning, especially in today’s generation. Major universities and educational institutions are now using systems that provide an unprecedented level of convenience and flexibility that helps provide quality education. This is why it’s crucial for schools and educational institutions to make the right decision when choosing […]

Helping Students Manage Their Own Time in Online Courses


Time management is a problem for most, if not all, students from different levels. This is an even more serious concern when it comes to online learning. E-learning platforms come with unparalleled flexibility, allowing students to finish activities and work on courses at their own time. While this could be seen as an advantage, some […]

Traditional Teaching Principles We Can Apply in e-Learning

E-Learning Banner

Through the years, teaching conventions in classrooms involved aspects where teachers are introducing new concepts and skills, guiding students in applying these skills, and letting kids practice on their own in using these skills until mastery is achieved. These conventions, despite the passing of time, have basically remained the same. However, with the introduction and […]

Helping Students Learn Better with Learning Management Systems

E-Learning Helping Students

Through the years, new technological discoveries and inventions are changing our way of living. Since then, many industries and institutions have been revolutionized, and the education sector is probably one of the most heavily influenced.  The impact of technology in education allowed for new ways of teaching and learning. For the most part, tech has reformed how we see education in terms of a time, space, and […]

Is It Time To Switch To a New Training Method?

VR Training Mode

Memorisation as a learning method is dating fast – it still works but it’s getting old, boring, disengaging and risky if you want your students to learn how to apply knowledge as well as gain it. One way to solve this issue of an antiquating training method is to gamify your lessons. Virtual Reality and […]